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Dr. Dave's Uncommon Financial Advice:

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This year, once again, millions of Americans are taking a look at their retirement accounts and wondering what went wrong. Increasingly, since the 1980s, individuals are left to manage their retirement plans on their own. Outside of government employees, workers are left without the old defined pension retirement plans, depending instead on 401K/IRA deferred tax accounts. These plans are almost always funded with a mix of mutual funds. Employers and the government have decided that this combination (401K/IRA/403B tax deferred accounts funded with mutual funds) is the best way for people to save for their retirement. But is it? What is the actual rate of return workers get from their mutual fund accounts? How much actual tax savings does an individual achieve using one of these accounts? Finally, what are the actual results of workers managing their retirement accounts?


Dr. Dave's Uncommon Financial Advice answers these questions and more. Exploring how people really create wealth, it explains how people can build real, lasting wealth, in order to create a comfortable retirement for themselves and their family.


Written as a primer for the Shafer Wealth Academy, it provides valuable information for everyone interested in planning for retirement or who is growing concerned about their financial future. If opening your retirement account statements is becoming a painful endeavor, or if you don't even have a retirement account you need to read this book.


Comments from folks who read the book:


"It was like taking a punch in the gut. Talk about a call to action, I will never think of personal finance the same." Jeff N.


"If people knew the information you have described in this book, they would riot on Wall Street." Ed M.


"It was written clearly, concisely and to the point. Very eye-opening." Tricia K.









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