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  Dr. Dave Shafer - Everything ABOUT Equity Indexed Universal Life Insurance

We live busy, stressful lives. Why add to that stress by putting your retirement at risk? The American retirement is in jeopardy and most people, in their gut, understand that point. Not a week goes by that I don't talk to an individual that says to me that they are worried about their retirement. It doesn't matter if they are 30 years old or 60, the commonality is that they understand that they do not want to accept the common advice from the financial planning industry.


Can you imagine not having to worry about the market going down? Or, imagine not having to retire with massive uncertainties on how much retirement income you will have? According to Wall Street you have to accept large downward movements of your savings in order to succeed. But is this true? What if there was another way? What if there was a way to reduce that market risk, guarantee levels of income, and reduce or eliminate the taxes you would pay in retirement?


Wall Street has done a masterful job of convincing us that we need to accept all the risks. But we don't and we shouldn't. What is good for Wall Street is not necessarily good for us. Want to learn how to reduce market risk and stabilize your retirement savings? Want to learn about 2 financial products that have been around for over 100 years, which have been recently updated for our current retirement situations? Want the most tax efficient strategies so you don't end up sending your retirement income to Uncle Sam?Shafer Wealth Academy and Wealth Coaching privides new direction on growing personal wealth


Start by reading through the information on this website to get the basics. If these products interest you, contact me for a much more detailed discussion.












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